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By Lawrence Flores, Jr.

One Architect Shares Their Company's Post-Pandemic Plans

Jason Hagopian, Principal, Miami
TSAO Design Group

This bi-coastal architecture firm is finding new ways to keep business as usual in a post-pandemic world.

Everyone is looking for answers, says Jason Hagopian, principal at a boutique size architecture firm that specializes in office space, restaurants, and hotels. Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, Jason has been busier than ever as companies are scrambling to reassess their physical work space. The answers, he says, seem to change every week.

As everyone is eager to get back to a normalcy, adaptation is key. His strategy with clients of various sizes and needs is to be flexible and cautious. There is no one solution for a post-pandemic work space and it is likely to continue to evolve. Perhaps your business will benefit from a staggered or a rotating schedule. Maybe your team can spread out their workspaces and keep meetings to virtual gatherings only. 

Jason says his employees were no strangers to virtual collaboration as they’re already spread out across the country.  From sharing renderings to live meeting minutes to site photos to video calls, they’ve expanded their tool set to fully connect the company. “You have to want to be connected. Being remote requires us to put extra energy into being connected,” says Jason. “We try to make it as simple as possible.”

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